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Wholesale 400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher


Wholesale 400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

The Ultimate 400 yard launcher is the one and only launcher you will ever need for all of your launching needs!

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The Ultimate Water Balloon Launcher can launch balloons up to 400 Yards, thats four football fields.

The Ultimate Slingshot Kit Includes:
Ultimate Slingshot
150 Biodegradable balloons
Full Instructions
Nylon Carrying Pouch

Made from surgical tubing and nylon pouch its nearly indestructable.

These Launchers are filled with more than just excitement and adventure, they are filled with grade A adrenaline. Imagine having a snowball fight..hidden behind your fort breathing like you have never breathed before...hoping that the next bomb you throw makes it to your opponents and you become the winner. Well, with this devise, you not only be the winner, but Champion of the World!!!! You will no longer have to worry about reaching your target or watching your balloons explode before their destination. As use you this product more and more, you will be hitting your target with more accuracy and velocity than you dreamed of.

How Does This Amazing 3 Person Devise Work?

Two people act as the support holding each end of the cradle and one person pulls the elastic sling. The puller draws back the loaded sling and releases a force unknown to man!!

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

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